ACT Systems Domains and Hosting
Online presence is key to businesses in the modern world and a great domain
means instant credibility.
Having a domain that accurately represents your company image is essential. ACT Systems will assist in your search for the perfect domain name and also has the facility to host your website keeping your online presence functioning 24/7.

How does it work?

If you already have a domain name in mind, get in contact and we will let you know if it’s available.

Domains can have many different extensions to match your organisation and locality, to name a few:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org

If you already have a domain but would like to transfer to our ultra-stable ACT managed platform this can also be accommodated.

What happens if my chosen domain isn’t aviailable?

If your chosen domain name is already owned by a 3rd party, we at ACT Systems can attempt to contact the owner with the aim to purchase said domain on your behalf. If this isn’t a possibility, we will work with you to come up with an alternative which fits your business image.

Web Hosting

With a domain name selected, your next step would be to select one of the hosting packages available.
We will work with you to select a plan that caters to the demands of your website.
  • Standard DNS Hosting includes 50MB storage 2GB bandwidth per month
  • Standard Web hosting includes 500MB storage and 5GB transfer
  • Advanced Web Hosting includes 1GB storage and 20GB transfer
  • Advanced Web Hosting Xtra includes 10GB storage and 60 GB transfer
**Setup includes 12 months DNS management and creation of required pop e-mail accounts
Once your package has been selected, we will work with your web developer to deploy your website and make it accessible to everyone on the world wide web.

ACT Systems Web Hosting and Domain Pricing

Please get in contact with us at or 01189 870 070 to discuss your needs and pricing.

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