Procurement and Advisory Services

Supplying the right equipment is key to a reliable IT infrastructure. ACT Systems has the experience to advise and provide equipment which will be the perfect fit for the task in hand. This is the first step in ensuring a troublesome free IT system.
We offer advice on anything IT related, from entire infrastructures right down to advising on a new keyboard and mouse.

Why come to us?

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of our customer’s systems. This enables us to supply the correct hardware and software matching the needs of the task in hand. As IT We always keep up-to-date with the newest product releases, staying on the pulse with the best equipment out and putting it through its paces.

Is it compatible with my systems?

As your IT administrators we know your systems very well, meaning we already have a very good idea of the hardware required to integrate with the rest of your infrastructure. We will always carry out thorough investigation to make sure there are no issues and deployment will be a straightforward process.

Where do we get our equipment from?

We have longstanding partnerships with a number of hardware and software providers for example: Dell, HP, Microsoft, ESET, Spitfire, Cisco, Dropbox, Netgear and Samsung to name a few.

Being a partner to these companies enables us to get competitive prices from well-known sources allowing for a hassle free process.

Please get in contact with us at or 01189 870 070 to discuss your needs.


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