ACT Systems is a Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Partner and, as such, we can help you move your operations to the Cloud if that is right for your business. There is so much more to the 365 platform than E-mail and data storage, let ACT help you take that step into the cloud!
Often businesses do not require a full Cloud solution approach, working with many different types of businesses we ensure the aspects of Cloud that add value to your operations are utilized.
"Businesses of all types and sizes are moving to the Cloud with Microsoft Office 365.”.....Grant Payne, Director, ACT Systems
Microsoft 365 Hosted Exchange platform enables small and large companies alike to migrate to the Cloud in and efficient and effective manner. The move to the Microsoft Cloud platform will bring you all the normal Cloud benefits of accessibility from any location, flexibility, security and reliability as well as the assurance that this is being delivered by Microsoft, the world's largest software company. Companies such as Johnson Controls and Aston Martin have joined the ever-growing list of companies to migrate and enjoy the benefits.
Being a Microsoft Cloud Partner, we are in a position to ensure that you get the most from the service, ensure migration is seamless and every aspect is a positive improvement to the operations of your business.

When you move to the Microsoft Cloud, you will benefit from the following:

  • Users to work effectively wherever their location with an internet connection
  • Removal of current bottle necks in bandwidth trying to receive / send e-mails
  • Keep current e-mail address and domains
  • Separate company billing as required
  • Controlled access to central cloud data storage for documents by company with document version tracking
  • Replication of data to user devices for offline working
  • Remove large capital outlay for servers and related software.


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