ACT Systems Hosted Servers
Gone are the days where businesses are forced into a large capital spend on purchasing their own server hardware. With internet connections now offering fantastic speeds it is now possible to host your server infrastructure within a secure data centre, exchanging the initial large capital outlay to simple monthly rental.
ACT Systems Dedicated Servers are fully scalable ranging from only a few users up to multisite user systems.

What can Hosted Servers offer me?

Hosted servers give the ability to offer great flexibility to your business tailoring usage to your requirements.
  • Data Storage
  • Domain and Security Management (Via Hardware VPN)
  • Install applications / software and databases.
  • Remote desktop / Remote application deployment
  • Offsite replication and redundancy
  • Scalable infrastructure
    All with no large capital investment!

Are Hosted Servers the right choice for my business?

ACT Systems works with its clients to commission the correct solution based on current and future needs. The bandwidth, amount of users and usage needs to be considered.
With the right infrastructure to compliment, hosted servers can be the perfect option for growing and established businesses both in practical and financial terms. It is our job to ensure a hosted server is the correct solution for you.

Is my Data Secure?

Security is of upmost importance in the modern world. Having your data stored in a large data centre can seem a daunting proposition. Our Hosted servers are located within a Purpose built 48,000ft² ͞"ISO 27001 Accredited"  Tier 4 Secure Data Centre. Offering dedicated backup power generators and multiple 10Gbs fibre connections with full DR/ Failover capability.
Coupled with IPsec security protocols for authentication, integrity, and confidentiality. Your data is encrypted inside an IPsec packet. De-encryption happens at the end of the tunnel, residing to its intended destination, your hosted server or local workstation.

ACT Systems Hosted Servers Pricing

Please get in contact with us to discuss your needs and pricing.

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