ACT Systems Cloud Protect


ACT Systems Cloud Protect is a cloud to cloud backup and recovery solution, which backs up daily changes in your cloud systems to another cloud storage server and makes it available for restore or export.

Why Backup Online Data?

Why backup data that’s already in the cloud and protected by some of the most robust data centres in the world?

Leading online service providers such as Microsoft have world-class data backup and recovery capabilities, so why backup data that’s already in the cloud and protected by some of the most robust data centres in the world? For the simple reason that these recovery capabilities are for the service provider’s disaster, not yours. Data redundancy and replication is for internal recovery only, and is not available for end user data recovery. Generally speaking, the only backup you have for your organizational data in most online services is via the recycle bin, which is automatically purged typically after 30 days. After that, your data is gone forever. The truth is that once your data is deleted, altered or corrupted, whether accidentally or maliciously, there is very little you can do to recover the data.

Causes of Data Loss

While it’s extremely unlikely that a major online service provider will loose your data or suffer a complete service outage, there are a number of other causes of data loss that are very real and occur all too frequently including:

  • User Error: If you or a colleague accidentally delete, alter or corrupt the data. It is estimated that human error accounts for 40% of all data loss.
  • Malicious Destruction: The malicious deletion, alteration or corruption of your data either externally or internally from a disgruntled employee.
  • 3rd Party Apps: Corruption of data due to software errors in 3rd party applications and plug-ins, or synchronization issues across multiple platforms.

ACT Systems Cloud Protect Pricing

Cloud Protect pricing is dependent on the amount of users for Office 365 and the amount of data for SharePoint Online the below prices are the monthly costs for each:

office 365 business uk
Amount of Users Monthly Cost
5 £15.00
10 £30.00
20 £55.00
30 £80.00
40 £105.00
50 £130.00
veeam sharepoint backup

Amount of data


Monthly Cost
100 £39.00
300 £117.00
500 £180.00
 50GB Bolt on £20.00

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