A familiar name in your email inbox isn’t always who you think it is

Sadly, it is a fact that today small and medium-sized businesses are prime targets for cybercriminals.  It is the people in these organisations that are being targeted mostly through email.  Recent research has shown that 90% of all attacks start with a targeted email using social engineering relying on users to click a malicious link, run malicious code or give up their credentials. This is business email compromise and the approach is called ‘imposter email threats’. The key departments coming under attack are HR or finance and the email will appear to come from the CEO or another high-level executive.

Attacks range from massive malicious spam campaigns to highly targeted email fraud attacks.  While no industries are immune there are some trends:

  • Education, management consulting, entertainment and media firms seem to experience the greatest number of email fraud attacks
  • Construction, manufacturing, and technology appear to be the most phished industries
  • In terms of Ransomware, Europe seems to be one of the areas to have a high proportion of banking Trojans.


So why are SMB’s a prime target?

  • Traditionally SMB’s don’t have the same budget to spend on security as the large enterprises do, leaving staff vulnerable to attack
  • SMB’s typically don’t have the personnel to manage complex solutions and get the threats handled

What can a SMB do to protect themselves?

Well, that is simple –  consider an email security solution.  We have recently partnered with Proofpoint who protect businesses of all sizes against impostor email through their industry leading all-in-one cloud-based email security solution called Proofpoint Essentials.  It has won Best SME Security Solution in SC Awards for 2 consecutive years and in December 2018 it was given a AAA rating for Email Security Services Protection by SE Labs.

Essentials protects businesses from advanced threats including impostor, phishing, malware, spam, and other forms of dangerous content. In addition, Essentials is backed by Proofpoint’s best-of-breed security and infrastructure and offers maximum value and cost-savings. The solution delivers industry-leading SLAs with 99.999% Service Availability, 99% Spam Effectiveness and 100% Protection from known viruses.

Want to learn more?  Please visit our website here or call now on 01189 870 070.