Why Businesses Should Be Offering Free WiFi To All

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As a business owner, your first thought each day should be about how to give your customers the best experience they can possibly get, so that you can stay competitive. Your second thought should be about how to do what’s best for your business – what will help you be more productive, improve profits and improve public perception of your business. That’s why more and more kinds of businesses – from fast food to business consultants, are investing in free, fast WiFi for their customers. And with an estimated 74% of businesses planning to implement a BYOD policy this year, it makes sense to offer something as simple as free WiFi to your customers and employees. Not convinced? Here are just 4 business benefits you will see by offering free WiFi.

Enhance Your Marketing

Depending on what WiFi solution you choose, you may be able to promote your business before customers even sign in. For example, the Ubiquiti solution provided by Act Systems allows you to create a custom splash page to welcome customers to your WiFi, which you could use for general branding or specific promotions. You also get the option to name your WiFi network, so users know where their WiFi is coming from. Once past this, you can ask customers to provide basic details before allowing them access – usually their name and email address. This is arguably the most powerful element of all, because this simple function helps build you a database to use in your later marketing efforts.

People Will Spend Longer With You

WiFi access helps customers stay productive and connected while they’re at your place of business, so they will want to stay there longer. In fact, 62% of businesses surveyed reported that customers spend more time at their business when WiFi was offered, compared to when WiFi wasn’t available. Particularly for retail businesses, this is an invaluable tool, because the longer a customer is in your store, the higher their purchase total is likely to be. Which leads us nicely onto point 3.

Customers Will Spend More

No really, they will. We know a lot of business owners are worried about customers who come in and piggyback on their WiFi all day without spending a penny, but the reality is that they will probably spend more. Take a coffee shop for example. Coffee shop A doesn’t offer WiFi, and coffee shop B does. At Coffee Shop A, they get a decent trade of people coming in for coffee and a chat, but nothing more. But in coffee shop B, their takings are boosted by people who work from home, students, business people holding meetings and a whole host of other people who value internet access as they go about their business. For other types of business, WiFi allows customers to browse your products, read reviews of your services and do their pre-purchase research in real time while at your premises, increasing the likelihood that they will buy from you.

A Competitive Edge

Finally, many people filter businesses of all shapes and sizes by which offer free WiFi. Whether someone is coming in to watch your sales pitch and wants to be able to check facts as they go, are coming in for an all-day workshop and need access to their emails or are just looking to buy coffee and waste half an hour – those businesses that offer free WiFi have a clear advantage over those who don’t. That’s because free WiFi doesn’t just make your customers lives easier – it improves their perception of your business and encourages them to learn more about you.

All of this sounds great, but isn’t it going to cost a lot? That’s a question we hear every day, and thankfully, the answer is no. Providing robust and flexible free WiFi for your customers doesn’t need to be a headache or cost a lot of money. At ACT Systems, we specialise in identifying and installing the systems that your business needs in a cost friendly way, so you can have your cake and eat it too! For more information, or to book in a free consultation, get in touch with the team today.